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Why Choose Royal Algo?

Trading is simple but not easy.
At Royal Algo, we offer tools that can simplify your buying and selling decisions. Our goal is to make trading less complicated for beginners and add value to seasoned traders.

What we offer

How does it work?

Royal Algo indicator alone is an effective tool. It can help you find buy and sell opportunities in any market.

Royal Algo provides an effective system and tools adjustable take profit and stop loss lines, buy and sell alerts, market overview, exit alerts and more to increase your chance of success.

Any Market, Any Time

Royal Algo works on any market and is applicable to any timeframe. Whether it be Forex, Stocks, Metals, Futures, or Crypto, Royal Algo got it covered. We offer non-repainted real time signals allowing you to visualize the charts better and boost your trading success.

Market Overview

Royal Algo offers an all new dashboard market overview where traders can check signals across all timeframes. This tool will help you to check the session and trend of the market.

Buy and Sell Signal

Buy and sell real time signals tells you when a potential entry/exit is happening based on a sudden surge in movement so you will never miss out on a trade again.

Real Trading System

Royal Algo is more than just an indicator. We developed and tested a system that will help traders understand the momentum of the market and spot trends to avoid ranging market, catch trends and provide real results. 

Adjustable TP & SL Lines

This feature is automatically adjusted based on market volatility. You can adjust TP & SL lines to different risk settings.

Royal Algo works with any Trading Style




Whatever your trading style may be, Royal Algo is the best tool to help you get higher chance at winning trades




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