Sensitivity Settings

Adjusting Sensitivity Settings

You can adjust the Sensitivity Settings into 3 different settings. Low (Recommended), Moderate, and High.

Sensitivity - This can be adjusted to reduce noise and decrease or increase the number of signals on your chart. The lower the sensitivity, the more signals appear, and the higher the sensitivity, the fewer signals appear.

Low sensitivity - The default settings filter the pullback and minor movements in the market, so you might experience some delays, but this setting will limit the false signals given by the indicator. 

The default sensitivity is set at the lowest recommended settings. If you want to see signals earlier you can try high or moderate.


Make sure to do a lot of testing with the following sensitivity settings to find out which one works the best for you.

ⓘ Note

If you are looking to adjust the settings to see more signals. The high and moderate sensitivity will catch the peak or very bottom of the reversal because they react more to minor movements. 

To adjust the values. Click the settings to view the sensitivity under inputs.





You can adjust the settings for Medium and High sensitivity.

Low Sensitivity (Recommended)


Medium Sensitivity

High Sensitivity


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