Set Alerts/Notifications

How to Create Alerts/Notifications


For Mobile: Click on the plus button on your TradingView app and select alerts. 

For Desktop: Click on the clock icon on your TradingView chart.

ⓘ Note

The free TradingView plan only has one alert available. You need to upgrade your plan in order to receive more.

1. Select Royal Algo as your condition. You need to be on that symbol, timeframe, and type of candlestick in order to receive that specific alert. Make sure to use “Once per bar close.” 

Some of these features may only be available for upgraded plans. 

2. The latest TradingView update allows you to edit the alert message. The default alert message of Royal Algo is “Buy {{Insert Timeframe}}, {{ticker}}, price = {{close}}”.Simply replace the {{Insert Timeframe}} with the appropriate time frame. 

For example, for the M1 timeframe, you will put “Buy M1, {{ticker}}, price = {{close}}” You can find out more about these variables when you click the question mark icon. You can also add a message if you are on Heiken Ashi or Regular Candlestick.